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    If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.

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Yay! I'm the first to comment! :)

Holy Smokes with the new collection,Kim!!!! I really love the colors and the papers! Those yummy elements are a MUST HAVE! :) Will definitely check it in SA!

Happy Weekend!


Kim...the new collection is GORGEOUS!! Adding it to my wishlist and hoping I can actually talk my realtives into buying me digi goods for Christmas this year!! LOL

You are kicking but with your cardio girl!! I am an elliptical addict...went from barely being able to do 10 mins on it to now being able to doing 60. LOVE the elliptical!! :) Good luck with those 6lbs...I have another 4 to hit 25lb before turkey day!! :) We can do it!!

Laurie G

oooh- I love this kit too!!! And I see you added a measuring tape- fabulous!!!

Great job getting to the gym early! That elliptical is so intimidating to me LOL! It's funny how sometimes you start to feel like you're in shape until you try a new exercise or one that you haven't done in awhile- like jumping rope! LOL!

Keep on keepin' on! I think you can lose 6 pounds in 2 weeks. ;)

God bless!

Melissa Ives

Your new collection is beautiful! Just gorgeous!


Kim, hearty congratulations on the weight loss. I think that is a fantastic accomplishment! And, of course, the new kits are just superb.......


I have not bought anything in a long time but WOW your collection is simply stunning!


wow kim this set is absolutely gorgeous!


Kim, Hi! I'm loral15 at the shed :) Just wanted to say that this set is TDF gorgeous!!! Absolutely love it, great job!

and wtg on the weight loss and getting healthy :)


WOW this is amazing I want to buy it!!!

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