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  • John 8:36:
    If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.

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Hugs, Kim!! Really hoping this job opportunity works out for Clay! I know how much you guys want this!!! Hope you were able to get a little more sleep last night...I am a bear without sleep and nothing seems to go right when I am drop dead tired...especially my workout routine!! Hugs to you all!! Keep us posted!


May all your wishes come true. Come on back to the South, Sweetie!

Shannon aka ssexton

Kim, That sounds just wonderful!! Keeping your family in my prayers. As another Nashvillian, we'd love to have you back in our neck of the woods!!


Hi. I stop in and check out your blog every once in a while- I love it. I was reading the first part of this entry thinking to myself, girl you have got to move out soon. I mean really, 3 kids and a spotless house? Riiight. I only have two and am a SAHM and it's NEVER been spotless. Then I read the last part. Oh, I am so so happy and praying for you so much. Good luck with it all! You all deserve it.


Wow, that sounds so wonderful and what perfect timing! I'll be keeping you and your family in my prayers.

Angi Smith

I hope everything falls into place the way it should when something is meant to be. I live 2 hours west of Nashville and I can't imagine anywhere any prettier!


Will be keeping you in my prayers,, somehow someway God always knows when you need him most.

It's all going to fall into place,, just take one thing at a time.


WOW what a handsome guy your clay is! sayin a prayer for you! Great
menu! I hate making menus! big part
of my problem!


Kim, I have prayed about this job for Clay. I really believe this is God's plan for you guys. You know, every time we go through a hard time there's a blessing coming. I'm hoping and praying that this new job will be your blessing. Marci

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