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    If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.

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Congrats on Clay's new job! I love your layout - very bright, cheery, and . . . .crazy!

Laurie G

Awesome news that Clay got a job Kim!!! God is good in His timing!!!

God bless!


Great news on the new job for Clay!! I am sure it is a load off your mind! Hoping everything else is going well for you too, chickie! Thought you were gonna share other news with maybe a new Rad collection or something else!! :) I can't wait for you do put up some new digi stuff!!

Shannon aka ssexton


I'm so glad Clay got a new job! Hope that will make things easier.

I so hear you on the health insurance thing. My mom hasn't had it since her divorce. She just can't afford it. She has high blood pressure, and it scares me to no end. We pay almost $800/month for our family of 5 with health issues. It's just terrible. Oh, and they've changed TennCare so much that it's almost impossible to get it here now, too.

Can't wait to see your new things! Love your layout!!
Shannon in TN aka ssexton


Oh, I caught you at a new blog! I admit I haven't checked in with you in ages! I never got an email after I sent you an email a long time ago! :( Made me paranoid (I do that) and I hope what I said didn't offend you. Don't know if you even remember what all this is about.

Anyway, OMG, yay on the new job thing! I will be so thrilled when Eric gets a job! And I completely hear ya on the health insurance thing. It is totally ridiculous the welfare system in California. At one time we were dependent on the system, this was in san diego. And the max cash grant you could get for a fam of 3 was 800 well that paid for our rent on our one bedroom apt. lame. Yeah, it all just sucks.

So I hope you are doing well!


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