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Angi Smith

Welcome to Tennessee! I was born and raised here and lived here my whole life except for 5 miserable years in Florida. There's no place like Tennessee! God's country!!! I hope all goes well with your delivery. Honestly, I'm not that familiar with your work, but had bookmarked your blog from Gina Miller's blog, maybe? Are you going to keep designing after the baby is born?



Oh girl, how I've missed you!!! I have your due date on my calendar and I see it every day and think of you, pray for you, hope that you're doing well. Please please keep us updated!! I have missed you so much.


Sounds like peace has been found at last for your little gang. Great luck with the birth, take it easy, take charge and do it your way as much as possible, its so important ... we as women have to take back that right. Big Hugs! Happy Laboring to you!


Hey KIM! So good to hear from you again! Everything sounds so peaceful and laid back for you! What wonderful news. I will be thinking of you and praying for a peaceful labor for you. Can't wait to hear the news. :) *HUGS*


oh girl. you do not know how much i missed you! opening up bloglines and seeing a post from you was just fab. i especially loved reading your opening paragraph on the goodness of God. i'm so glad you're back in Tennesse.

And the babe? so exciting. Maybe you're not ready because the baby isn't ready? I pray that you don't have a difficult time with the delivery team.

Welcome welcome - i really missed you!

lauren aka mlpieters

Dianne Rigdon

Honey honey honey I've missed you and worried about you and I feel terrible that I didn't keep track of you! Slap me now but shoot I am glad you guys are there and OKAY and I pray things work out for you in the short term and long term, the short one being that sweet baby lol. When you get set up with solid internet and TIME to hang, say hi, okay?


KIM!!!! I am SO GLAD to see a post from you!! Glad to hear the move went okay and that you are settling in!! We have missed you SO MUCH around here!! Can't wait to hear baby news from you!! HUGS!!


Glad to see you are back in digi-land, Kim! TN sounds so wonderful!! Hope you have a quick and easy labor!!!

Laurie Garza

Kim! I am sooooo glad that everything is ok with you!!!

God is so good- and I LOVE how you acknowledge that!

I'll be praying for a smooooooth L&D for you!

God bless!


I lived in Tennessee for 3.5 years. It's a beautiful place so I can understand why you'd be happy to be back there. Great to have you posting to your blog again! May God bless you and yours in your new location! Marci


So so so glad to see you back, Kim! And I'm so jealous of you being in hubby and I long for KY..right above you...and don't see it happening anytime soon, at least not without crisis. So we'll stay here, in the city, and wait for our opportunity.

Happy baby vibes..will be praying for a healthy delivery and happy baby!


I'm so happy to hear that things are going well for your family in TN! Can't wait to see pics and more updates with pictures of that precious new baby!


Kim!!! Welcome back!
So missing you!


Kim, We have all missed your updates and just plain hearing how things are going for you. I am just so happy for all of you. It sounds like you are truly in God's country. I am jealous but still hoping I will find a way out of here one day. Welcome back!!!!!


Welcome back! I've really missed your posts and am so glad you're blogging again!!!


Welcome back to Tennessee (I'm here as well!).

Aja Abney

Yay! Glad to see you are back and getting settled in. You sound so happy! Hope to hear baby news soon!


No matter where you move,
no matter where you are,
your in my heart
and thats not so far,
you're in my thoughts
and in my prayers,
just know
that this freind cares.

Bless you and your family in your new home Kim. I've always admired you and your spirit.



oh, I'm so glad you are finally back to the place you love! Take care and enjoy everything!


Wow so glad to see you back - I have been thinking of you and awhile back there was a thread at DST asking has anyone heard from you - we were all praying that everything ran smooth and sounds like it did! (except for the lens breaking - ick!) Good luck with the labouring and can not wait to see the pics! Take care!

Kara Sheridan

Welcome back! Congrats on the baby-will be thinking about you:-)


Hellllllooooo, Kim!?!?! Any baby news?? I am hoping your absence from Hello means that you are snuggling with a brand new bundle of joy!! {{HUGS}}

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