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Hello Kim. I was reading about Adrick's alergy and I was compelled to ask. You see I was allergic to all formulas as a baby. Then as a child I hated milk. I guess I never realized it hurt. So during puberty I started to notice that every time I had any dairy, Cheese, milk even ice cream it made my ears itch. Made my chest hurt. I would have to lay down until the pain went away and I could breath again. This was right about the time they came out with lactose free milk. But that didn'r hel. So my doctor thought it may be the protien I was allergic to because sometimes I could tollerate cooked cheese. As I started having my kids I forced myself to have dairy. It hurt. My son would all asleep on me and his milk would touch my skin and I would get horrible welts. I have not had milk in years. So where can you find raw milk?


Post your recipes Kim! I would love to try what you've talked about today. I drank raw milk while an exchange student in was soooooooo good. LOL! I'll have to look into it here. boys drink so much of it, I don't know if I could afford it. ;) We'll see!

Let me know if I can do anything before Monday. I will have time this weekend to scrap away! :)

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