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SOOOoooooooooooooo glad you're back. And Garrison is SOOOOO gorgeous!!! Thank you for sharing him with us!!


oh...congratulations girl! we've been talking about you over at DST wondering how the whole labor/delivery/baby thing was going. i'm so glad to hear from you.

and, i would love to hear about your homeschooling and homestead(ing?)!

warm hugs


Yay, Kim! He's a doll baby! Congratulations! I love your layout, too. It's really beautiful! :)


Ohhhh, Kim!! Garrison is adorable!!! Congrats mama!! :) 26 hours of labor??...holy smokes!! But so worth it!! You're making me baby hungry...or at least wishing we were close by so I could hold him!! :)

That layout is beautiful!! You are just glowing in that photo!! I'm glad you took the time out to scrap for YOU!! I'm working on a layout of me right now...I never do...I hate to be in front of the camera...but I guess when my kids look back, they SHOULD be able to see photos of the crazy lady who was always in THEIR face with a camera.

Glad to see you back!! We really have missed you!! Can't wait to see more pics with your new lens (you lucky duck)!! And new goodies in the store!!

HUGS!! :)


HE IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!! HUGE HUGE HUGE congrats & welcome to the world, Garrison!

hey - email me pls about TLP stuff!


Congratulations, Kim. He is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!


Congrats he is just the sweetest little babe! Love that LO of you pregnant you look fantastic - happy, healthy and glowing I am so pleased for you all, congratulations!


Congrats on your new little one! He's a doll!

Miki Ferkul

Aw, he has to be one of the most BEAUTIFUL newborn babies I've ever seen Kim!~ And I don't make that compliment lightly either. Very nice name you chose too~
Congrats Kim and family! Enjoy your new blessing!


Kim!!!!! Remember me?? lol! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! He is absolutely beautiful:) Makes me want another!! Well, ok, i'll be honest here and say ALMOST makes me want another;) You were GORGEOUS in your page..........again my heartfelt congratulations!!


Congrats on your new little man! Garrison (love the name btw!!!!)is absolutely beautiful!


Congratulation Kim. Your new little one is adorable. He is one of the prettiest newborns I've ever seen. I love the name Garrison!! Don't shorten it - I love it just the way it is :)

fshinggrl (Jackie)

Congratulations! He is adorable!! He is so adorable & cute! Super name! Perfect for the little prince!

fshinggrl (Jackie)

Congratulations on your little prince! He is adorable! Love the name you chose!

Megan (meganmecrazy)

He is SOOOOOOOOO ADORABLE! OMG! I'm in love! Congratulations on your precious little baby boy!


Oh goodness! He is so cute Kim!!!! Congrats! :)


Congratulations Kim!!!!! He is soooo adorable and I absolutely LOVE his name!! You look so beautiful in your layout and it's great! Again, Congrats on that beautiful baby!


Congratulations! Garrison is absolutely adorable & one of the sweetest babies I've seen!


Awwwww congratulations he's gorgeous, you must be so proud.
Hugs Crystal xx

Laurie Garza

oh Kim- he is just adorable!!!! What a little miracle- Praise God!!!

I have been praying for you and hoping everything was ok- thanks so much for updating us.

I'm glad you were able to get those good deals AND the new lens- the Lord provides- huh?!!!

Gorgeous LO too- AND you looked beautiful too, but I'm glad you felt that way too. :)

God bless- and give little Garrison a hug from me. :)


Congratulations on your new little blessing- he is just a doll! Look forward to reading more posts from you- I've missed them. And can't wait to see what you've been designing.
Take care and enjoy that new little one!


He's gorgeous! Congrats!!!

Shawna Taylor

Congrats Kim!! Welcome to the world little Garrison! He is just too sweet!! Love the pregnancy LO too btw, you looked great!!


Congratulations on the arrival of your baby. Isn't it wonderful how the Lord provides for his own? Marci


congratulations! your son is beautiful! :)

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